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2Kan video player combines class-leading playback at 2K resolution with pixel counts of up to 3 Megapixels, unique realtime media manipulation and advanced output mapping capabilities over standard display cabling, all from within a robust rackmount chassis.

Playback videos and images up to 3 Megapixels any way you wish -  16 x 9, ultra wide, tall or thin; any aspect ratio

Project onto 3D objects quickly and easily - A simple, clean projection mapping solution

1 output - Chop, warp and blend your content on 1 output

Built in touch screen - with a clear and concise user interface, anyone can get a great video out!

2Kan Features

2K+ Yes
3 Megapixels Yes
Overlay channels Yes
Output Mapping Yes
Touchscreen Yes
Audio Yes
External Manager Yes

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