HDV series – 1.6mm indoor LED display

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HDV 1.6

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The Absen HDV 1.6mm LED panel is front install and service, meaning no access is needed to the back of the display at any point throughout the product lifecycle. With amazing visual performance and a long life span it offers a perfect large scale display solution.

Fully front install and service – With only 65mm depth, it can be installed on walls requiring only 120mm of space, saving up to 80% of installation space compared to other display technology.

Cellular structure and wire-free design – The honeycomb cellular structural design provides the HDV with better industrial strength, providing perfect flatness and less chance of warping.

Ultra-fine pixel pitch – A tiny 1.66mm pixel pitch produces extraordinary display performance and picture quality

HDV 1.6 Features

Pixel Pitch 1.667 mm
Brightness 800 nit
Panel Dimensions 400 x 450 x 65 mm
Panel Material Magnesium
Weight 6.7 kg / panel
Pixel configuration Black body SMD 1010
Module Dimensions 200 x 450 mm
Pixel matrix per panel 240 x 270
Pixel density 360000
Refresh rate ≥ 3840 Hz
Colour Grayscale (Bit) 14
Viewing angle 160° / 160°
!P rating IP40 / IP20
Power consumption 750/250 w/sqm
Input voltage 110 ~ 240 V
Operating temperature -10 ~ 40°C

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