3mm LED used at Harrods in-store promotion


World famous luxury department store, Harrods and Remy Martin were looking for a large screen display solution for their pop-up event for the promotion of their prestigious Louis XIII cognac. The month long instore promotion included 3 large product placement areas at an entrance of the store, and a promotional in-store area, which required large screen technology to showcase their bespoke heritage video content. Freehand Limited, award winning digital signage and video production company, were brought into the project by shop-fitters, Diagon, to manage the large screen AV element of the project.


Freehand knew that they needed a screen wall that would scale to fit into the large allocated space, while also delivering high image quality and high brightness in a high ambient light environment. At such a premium location, they knew that they needed a premium product to match.

Freehand and PSCo have worked together previously as a trade only supplier of rental screens and display solutions. After considering large format displays and video wall products, and having further discussion around how to produce a seamless image, it was decided that LED was the best solution for the event. As LED is a modular design, it can be scaled to any shape and size meaning it could fit into the space required by the design agency. The content on show was mainly product focussed, with subtitles and detailed copy, so the display needed to provide a clear and high quality image.

Over a month-long rental, LED also worked out to be the most cost effective product, which was a key deciding factor for Freehand clients.


The product recommended was the Absen A3 Pro, 3.9mm LED, set up in a 3.5m x 2m formation using 28 panels.

PSCo worked closely with the Freehand partners involved to ensure that all elements of the project could work together. PSCo provided content creation guides and tested the content at the PSCo Assessment Centre prior to the event. They also worked closely with the set builders, holding multiple conference calls to make sure that the product worked with the stand design.

PSCo also provided technical support to set up the display. To ensure that there was no disruption to Harrod’s customers during trading hours, the technicians worked through the night to set up the LED wall.

Francesca Evans, Senior Rental Account Manager at PSCo, said: “It is really exciting to work on projects such as this one. It was great to see the whole project coming together by working collaboratively with multiple partners on delivering the final solution.”


Mike Fabian, Director of Freehand, commented on the event: “We have worked with PSCo for years and we really like working with them because they are always so flexible, professional, and cost effective. Harrods, Remy Martin and PolarBlack the design agency were very pleased with the end result.”


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