3mm LED used to create seamless conference display


The brief from Fusion Dubai was to create a seamless display they could use to present content at their Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas conference in London. The display also needed to be able to perform under their live camera feed.


Euroscope TV Facilities LTD, television production and live event management company, were running the job and knew that LED would be the ideal solution. They wanted one large screen that had the capability to be split into 3 separate feeds. The viewing distance for attendees would be 5 metres, so PSCo suggested Absen A3Pro 3.9mm LED as the ideal product to deliver a stunning high quality image.

As the screen would be used to display presentations with detailed copy, LED offered the perfect bezel-free solution ensuring uninterrupted content at all times.


The final screen was composed of 120 panels of Absen’s A3Pro, 3.9mm Narrow Pixel Pitch (NPP) LED. The screen was 24 x 5 panels, making a stunning 12m x 2.5m wall. PSCo also provided an Analogue Way Pulse processor to feed the screen, as well as full technical support during rig and de-rig.

The project booked 2 days prior to the event, so PSCo worked closely with Euroscope TV to ensure the solution was prepared and delivered in time for the event. The time constraints on the job also only allowed for a short rig time, with the PSCo technical team starting at 2am and working through the night to ensure the display was installed and working perfectly within the 6 hour time scale.

Francesca Evans, Rental Account Manager said: “We were really glad that we could work on this project and get everything turned around so quickly. We always want to make sure we can find the perfect solution for our customers no matter the time scale and the challenges it may produce. The wall looked fantastic and I’m glad we were able to help.”


Stephen Bailey, Managing Director at Euroscope TV, commented on the partnership: “The screen worked really well for the presentation and provided exactly what our client was looking for, everyone concerned was delighted."



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