3mm LED used to create visual spectacular for TV advert


Large global bank, Northern Trust, enlisted American advertising agency VSA to create the concept and script for a brand-new television advert. The concept produced required a high-end product to represent the financial banking industry and could look similar to financial trading boards.

The displays would also need to work well under camera, and produce high resolution on a large canvas so they could deliver the detailed content that would contain numerical figures and copy.


Framestore, known globally for their visual effects, creating extraordinary images and scenes for some of Hollywood’s biggest pictures, were brought on to manage the project and source the displays for the backdrop of the advert. Their brief was to deliver one large narrow pixel pitch LED wall, however after looking through the script, decided to embellish the concept and add an additional 8 totems to hang in front of the display to create a visual spectacular. The large LED totems would be hanging in a staggered formation.

Framestore contacted PSCo as a trade only rental provider to supply the LED for the advert. Framestore had worked with PSCo previously after being recommended by another customer, and returned to PSCo to work with them again on this exciting project.


The final project was for a staggering 354 panels of the Absen A3 Pro, 3.9mm LED set up in 9 individual displays.

The back wall was composed of 162 panels in a 18 x 9 formation, spanning over a 9m x 4.5m wall. Hung in front of it were 8 individual totems in a similar array of sizes with the largest being 2m x 3.5m, and the smallest being 1.5m x 3m. The varying sizes helped create a depth of field effect.

PSCo worked closely with Framestore, the content creators and the processing company on this project, including multiple conference calls and hosting a full day of testing at the PSCo Assessment Centre to ensure that the product could perform under camera. PSCo arranged a test-build of an individual totem in the exact size, and covered off criteria such as refresh rate, test patterns, frame rates and colour, as well as determining camera lens options.

Francesca Evans, Senior Rental Account Manager, commented on the whole project: “This was a really exciting project to work on and it’s always so great to work with all of the partners involved from an early stage as it means we can ensure the final project that we deliver can meet everyone’s requirements.”


Rupert Greaves, Producer working with Framestore, said: “The final solution was fantastic and the advert has come together so nicely and it looks great. LED delivered perfectly on the effect that we wanted to achieve and has such a visual impact in the advert.”




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