A snapshot of what's happening in the rental and staging market!


We have seen excitement building around <3mm Narrow Pixel Pitch (NPP) LED products, which is a key area of investment for us at the moment. We have found however, that the finer the pixel pitch doesn’t always mean the better – it all depends on the application! The Absen A3Pro, 3.9mm pixel pitch product continues to be a top performing product for us, delivering a high quality picture and reliability. It is regularly used within events including exhibitions and conferences. Why…? The product can achieve high resolution at a cost effective price and when the viewing distance is 3 metres or more, which a lot of conferences and exhibitions tend to be, it is the perfect product where a <3mm product with a smaller viewing distance would not be needed.

Interestingly, a recent AV Magazine survey on the rental and staging market found that 66% of end user events in the next 12 months will be conferences. LED is being used more and more in this application due to its seamless viewing experience ensuring content is uninterrupted, a wide viewing angle of 140° and the fact LED is sizeable to any size or shape producing the perfect canvas for the stage.

The research also found that 41% of rental equipment and service providers expect the market to grow up to 10% over the next 12 months, which means 2017 is set to be a busy and exciting time in the rental industry!

To read the full industry survey from AV Magazine, click here.


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