How do we use Video Wall?


We often see Video Walls composed in many different formations depending on the specification of the job. One of the largest video wall displays we have created is a 10 x 5 using NEC 46” panels, which was a true show stopper. Although, the more popular and frequent rentals we provide are standard 2x2 or 3x3 walls which can create up to a 165” canvas.

PSCo’s array of ultra-narrow and narrow bezel video wall panels, some as small as 3.5mm and 5.5mm, produce a near seamless display, creating a large canvas with minimal interruption to the content. We are regularly finding our customers requesting video walls for conferences where PowerPoints and text can be displayed clearly with guaranteed full HD, at a cost effective price.

Another popular use is within exhibition stands where customers can use creative content to show various images, web pages or videos across multiple screens.

Although the most common use is to create a large multi panel video wall, products such as the Samsung UE range can be hired as a single panel display in 46” and 55”.

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