PSCo produce an eye-catching LED stand at RBTE 2017

Another great year at RBTE!

We exhibited at RBTE for the second year running and had another fantastic show. This year we went bigger and better with a spectacular stand showcasing our most popular LED products available for rental and sales.

As you approached the PSCo stand your eyes were drawn to the curved 5m x 3m M2.9 LED wall, showcasing stunning retail content with bright and exciting images. The Absen 2.9mm LED wall was in -5 degree concave curve, and used 60 panels of the 500mm x 500mm panels in a 10 x 6 panel formation. 


IMG 8303

The wall was mounted using the PSCo designed ProStack system, on a 1 metre raised deck solution.

prostack rbte

In front of the M2.9 wall was a bespoke bar which featured PSCo’s most popular LED product into fixed installations, the Absen N2 BLK 2.4mm LED. The narrow pixel pitch, front installation and service product was mounted on to the front of the PSCo bar, and with only 57mm of depth it meant that no room was taken up behind the screen. Using only 9 panels rotated into portrait orientation, the wall created the perfect 2.59m x 0.576m canvas to showcase our 3 leading LED vendors; Leyard, Samsung and Absen.

N2 bar rbte


At the front of the stand was a show-stopping LED mock store arch way. Using the Absen A3 Pro 3.9mm LED and Edge 90 corner units, we created an LED arch way that replicated a store entrance that allowed visitors to be immersed in LED as they entered the stand. The Edge 90 panels allowed us to create a 90 degree edge that wrapped the inner sides of the arch. 


The total display was 6m x 3.5m using a total of 44 A3 Pro panels and 20 Edge 90 corner cabinets.

arch way rbte

LED offers the perfect solution for retail applications as it provides a premium product that can showcase content in high resolution, brightness and image quality. Product features also include front install and service, ensuring that no space is required behind the screen and store space can be used at a premium.

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