Why choose laser projectors for rental?

Projection is becoming an ever more important feature of large-scale events, from festivals and stadium concerts to product launches and trade shows. Everyone wants to make the biggest splash, and laser projectors offer perhaps the best and most affordable way to do this, with the latest, brightest units as well as eye-catching techniques such as edge-blending and projection mapping.

Staging events using rented projectors makes sense as they offer the scalability and versatility to meet the creative vision of a series of event organisers, often with radically different requirements, over a short timescale. A large, popular venue might be staging a product launch one day, a big-name rock show the next, and an awards show on Saturday, and it would be both impractical and expensive to keep the variety of projectors, lenses and other hardware required for all such shows on site permanently.

In these situations, it’s far easier to rent, and the latest 3LCD laser projectors are designed to offer maximum flexibility within the rental market, with a wide range of sizes, lenses and brightness options available. These vary from compact units with a variety of features and resolutions up to very powerful 25,000-lumen models that offer stunning stadium-sized performances with 4K enhancement for pin-sharp visuals.

3LCD laser projectors provide many advantages to rental companies and fitters. For a start, they’re lighter and smaller than DLP models in the same brightness and resolution categories, meaning that they’re far easier to store, transport and fit. Indeed the smaller models can be carried and fitted by a single technician.

The other advantage that 3LCD laser projectors offer is fit and forget reliability, with no lamps to change and a guaranteed lifespan of five years or 20,000 hours. This means that for longer hires, units can be mounted in hard-to-access areas, in the confidence they’ll not need to be returned to again until they’re taken down and returned to the rental company. Sealed projection units and durable inorganic phosphor wheel technology ensure that laser projectors will excel even in smoky or dirty conditions such as concert halls, theatres and dusty festival sites.

Laser projectors truly make the magic happen when several units are combined, to projection map colourful imagery seamlessly onto a three-dimensional object such as a car or sculpture, or possibly take advantage of ingenious edge-blending technology to combine several projections into a single, seamless panorama to surround the viewer. All of these things are possible with rental laser projectors, talented technicians and just a bit of imagination.





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