Why choose laser projectors for retail?

Retail spaces are becoming ever brighter, louder, and more competitive, with eye-catching, hyper-kinetic window and in-store displays. Laser projectors offer a radical shift in how retailers think about the space they have available. A wall is no longer a wall, it’s a display screen. A window display is not a set of static products, it’s an explosion of light and colour. Even mannequins and products can spring to life, thanks to ingenious projection-mapping techniques.

A key advantage of using laser projectors over flatscreens is that they’re seamless. When not in use, they’re not taking up space in the customer’s eye line, and they’re not limited to a fixed rectangular picture – any shape you imagine can be projected.

They’re also much more flexible, with a wide range of sizes, lenses and brightness options available, from compact space-saving units and ultra-short throw models that are great for narrow areas, all the way up to powerful 25,000-lumen projectors that offer dazzling massive-scale performance. Several units can even work together using edge-blending to create a picture the size of a building.

Laser projectors are very easy to set up – many models can be fitted and transported by a single technician – and extremely scalable, making them perfect for fast-moving retail environments, where seasonal ranges are constantly changing and promotions need to be created quickly and effectively to react to competitors.

These units also offer outstanding reliability and require minimal maintenance, with no lamps to change and a guaranteed lifespan of five years or 20,000 hours. This means you can quite literally ‘fit and forget’ a laser projector and get on with your job, while it gets on with its own.

Laser projectors are not limited to darkened shop interiors - they can project crisp, colourful imagery with deep blacks and excellent contrast, even in daylight. This makes them ideal for grabbing attention in brightly-lit shopping centres  or outdoors.

The uses of projectors in retail are only limited by the imaginations of those designing the displays. Connect with the online world by bringing your videos and social media images in-store, or expand your reach outside your front door, by projecting imagery onto the pavement outside. Flash up catwalk videos of the item the customer is holding as they wait for a changing room, or keep them entertained as they queue to pay. The possibilities are nearly endless, and laser projectors can make them easy for you to achieve.


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