Why do we love the M2.9?

We absolutely love Absen's M2.9 and were excited to see it win AV Magazines 'Production product of the year' at last years awards! The revolutionary 2mm product builds on the success of Absen’s A3 Pro, and meets the pull from the market for a lower pixel pitch that can suitably fit live event environments.

The M2.9 prides itself on its unique design, ensuring it is unlike any other 2mm currently available for rental. Lightweight, curved, quick install, front service and robust - the list of reasons why we love this product is endless, and it’s no surprise when its innovative design has ensured it is the must have product!

The stunning 2.9mm not only has the highest contrast ratio on the market, delivering rich, vibrant colours and deep blacks, but is also designed to be able to create a flat or curved wall. The 500 x 500 panels have an integrated quick angle-adjust system, meaning you can produce a concave (-5deg) or convex (+5deg) curve, without the use of any tools. These features means that there is no need for additional, slow, costly and difficult to use adapter plates making it simple and easy to swap between a flat and curved screen.

With an innovative 1 action, unique push and pull lock system, it is the fastest and easiest lock on the market - taking only 3 seconds to mount and lock a panel! Furthermore, the super lightweight panel is extremely robust, designed from the ground up it eliminates the risk of pixel damage.

Lastly, it is completely front and rear service!

We could tell you all day why this product is perfect, but seeing really is believing. Visit us at the PSCo Assessment Centre to get hands on with the product, or watch our video from ISE 2017 to find out more. 


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