Why do we recommend Samsung’s 95”?


PSCo understand displays need to deliver against the various requirements live events demand. Whether the display is being used as an information platform, or as a show stopping focal point, it is essential to find the perfect product.

We have seen an array of products, from various leading manufacturers, excel in the live events industry. One product that remains a popular choice for our customers is Samsung’s ME95C 95” Ultra Large Format Display, and it’s no surprise when its features and benefits fit the rental industry so perfectly!

We understand that you don’t always want a heavy screen that will be difficult to transport and install. The 95” is incredibly lightweight at only 66.5kg and is ultra slim with a depth of only 45mm, saving you time and hassle on-site during set-up!

Picture quality is so important in live events. The 95” ensures that your content is uninterrupted as it offers a 95” canvas in a single panel, with high contrast and no bezels. The screen also provides full HD resolution, producing a stunning quality image.

At many live events the last thing you want to be worrying about is extra cables, PCs and speakers taking up valuable space. This screen has a built in media player and audio system, meaning there will be no extra equipment needed or to worry about in transport. The ME95C offers the full package in one simple solution!

When you rent the Samsung 95” through PSCo, it can come with our stylish electric height adjustable stand which is simple to set up in only 5 minutes! Book your hire today – call the team on 0118 372 3311 or email us at enquiries@psco.co.uk.


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