Why LED in Corporate?

Early adopters of new display technologies can often be found in the corporate sector, within applications such as boardrooms, receptions, auditoriums and atriums.

A technology currently leading the way within the corporate market is sub 5mm, Narrow Pixel Pitch (NPP) LED, which now holds 58% of the corporate LED signage market. The key features that this technology has to offer align perfectly with the requirements of a display within corporate applications; bezel free, high brightness, high resolution, and low maintenance!

High Brightness

LED provides high brightness, even in high ambient light environments. This is a benefit within the corporate setting as it has been found that keeping the lights on during a presentation helps your audience focus for a longer period of time.

A Seamless Viewing Experience

Where LED is being used for corporate presentations it is essential that the content is conveyed clearly and accurately, as studies show that high quality visual content adds to the effectiveness and influence of a presentation. Unlike other technologies, static information can be displayed without any risk as LED does not suffer from image burn or image retention. LED is also bezel free, meaning your audience can see your content without any interruptions.

Minimalised Deviations

LED experiences minimised deviations, such as shadows, shaking, and misalignment which other technologies can suffer from. This makes LED ideal as it has been proven that efficient meeting spaces equipped with the right technology improves productivity.

Low Maintenance and Reliability

Requirements of display products used in corporate environments often include; a low maintenance solution, low power consumption, operating temperatures and running costs. This can all be achieved with an LED display. LED displays are highly reliable, designed for 24/7 usage, built from high quality parts down to component level, providing a low maintenance solution with a lifespan of over 100,000 hours. Unlike other display technologies, LED does not suffer catastrophic display failure; pixel failure can often go unnoticed by the untrained eye.


While being used in a corporate application, the display must be silent in order not to distract audiences from the presentation or meeting. As LED is fanless, it provides completely silent operation, meaning it can be used in any environment without distraction.

UK Assessment Centre

The PSCo Assessment Centre offers the largest selection of LED available to view in one location, from leading manufacturers Samsung and Absen. The Assessment Centre provides installers with the opportunity to make side-by-side comparisons of varying pixel pitches and select the best product for a project. A knowledgeable team is on hand to offer technical advice and product recommendations.

UK Warranty and Servicing

PSCo provide full UK warranties and support on all LED supplied, including three year, zero pixel failure warranties as standard down to 1 pixel. Bespoke service contracts are available to cater for even the most demanding service level agreements. These after-sale services ensure channel partners are supported in the UK, providing one point of contact throughout and shortened turnaround times.

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