Why LED in Education?

LED display technologies are being used more regularly in the education sector, particularly higher education, in locations such as auditoriums, seminar rooms and main reception rooms.

Narrow Pixel Pitch (NPP) LED has been utilised in these applications for its features set including no bezels, high brightness, high quality image, and low maintenance!

Variety of Pixel Pitches

Narrow Pixel Pitch LED can provide the perfect solution, and comes in a variety of pixel pitches ranging from 1mm to 5mm, suitable for a variety of applications. For example, when LED is used in applications where the display will be seen at a distance with less detailed content, a higher resolution product is ideal.

However, in an application where the LED may be being used with a shorter viewing distance and detailed content, it is preferential to go for a finer pixel pitch which will create a higher resolution canvas within the display size and showcase the content in crisp clear detail.

The general rule of thumb with narrow pixel pitch LED is multiple the pixel pitch by 1,000 to achieve the optimum viewing distance, for example; 4mm x 1,000 = 4,000mm (4m).

High Brightness

LED offers high brightness even in high ambient light environments, making it ideal for locations such as reception areas and atriums.
Image Quality - A Seamless Viewing Experience
Displays are often used for presentations or delivering important information, so it is important that content is showcased without interruption, which LED is able to achieve as it is truly seamless. Unlike other technologies, static information can be displayed without any risk as LED does not suffer from image burn or image retention.

Low Maintenance and Reliability

Educational environments need a low maintenance solution, with a future-proofed display and super low power consumption, operating temperatures and running costs. LED displays are highly reliable, designed for 24/7 usage, built from high quality parts down to component level, providing a low maintenance solution with a lifespan of over 100,000 hours.

Install and Set-up

Narrow pixel pitch LED has the advantage of being able to be used in the most challenging of installations because of its set-up versatility. LED can be floor mounted, built into sets or recessed into walls, flown/hung, or used with bespoke mounting solutions created on a project specific requirement. Where space is a premium, LED provides the slim depth often needed, and can reduce the total depth of a display solution by 50% when compared to a standard LCD video wall. A regular challenge is a lack of rear access to the display; LED can be maintained entirely from the front of the display for both installation and servicing, ensuring that no rear access is needed at any stage of the product lifecycle.

UK Assessment Centre

The PSCo Assessment Centre offers the largest selection of LED available to view in one location, from leading manufacturers Samsung and Absen. The Assessment Centre provides installers with the opportunity to make side-by-side technology comparisons and then select the best product for a project. A knowledgeable team is on hand to offer technical advice and product recommendations. Technical support is also available to PSCo trade partners for installation of the display with experienced, unbranded technicians.

UK Warranty and Servicing

PSCo provides UK support and servicing to trade partners. All products sold through PSCo come with a full UK warranty, including bespoke service contracts to cater for even the most demanding service level agreements. This ensures channel partners are supported in the UK, rather than standard RTB China. All products supplied through PSCo meet CE and Electro Magnetic Compliance (EMC) standards. 


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