Why LED in Retail?

There is a lot of excitement around LED displays at the moment, especially what they can achieve when specified in retail applications. The range of features LED displays offer is akin to a wish list of the perfect large screen installation: no bezels, high brightness, low power – all of which are ideal for the retail environment. A large screen display is great for catching shoppers’ attention, but for the integrator, fitting within restrictions of the shop can be a challenge.

Image Performance

Narrow pixel pitch LED refers to display technologies with a sub 4mm pixel pitch. The benefit of narrow pixel pitches is that a higher resolution display can be created using fewer panels and a smaller display area, showcasing content at pin sharp quality, even at short viewing distances. Quality image performance is delivered through three key features: firstly, seamless displays providing uninterrupted images ensure there is no disruption to content. Secondly, high brightness gives powerful performance even in challenging, high ambient light environments. Finally, high refresh rates ensure fast moving content is displayed flicker-free without ghosting or tearing. Under camera, high refresh rates can also eliminate the effect of moiré patterns.

Install & Set-up

Set-up versatility is hugely important in display technology as it allows it to be used in the most challenging of installations. LED can floor mounted, built into sets or recessed into walls, flown/hung, or used with bespoke mounting solutions created on a project specific requirement. Where space is a premium, LED provides the slim depth often needed, and can reduce the total depth of display solution by 50% versus standard LCD video wall. A regular challenge is a lack of rear access to the display; LED is available in front installation and servicing, ensuring that no rear access is needed at any stage of the product lifecycle.

Reliability & Servicing

LED delivers against the requirements of a professional display and more; it is highly reliable, designed for 24/7 usage and built from high quality parts down to component level. Unlike other display technologies, LED does not suffer catastrophic failure; pixel failure can often go unnoticed by the untrained eye. LED provides a highly reliable display solution, with low power consumption, operating temperatures and running costs, and a fan-less design delivers operational silence, combined to deliver a long lifespan.

PSCo provide full UK warranties and support on all LED within our portfolio, including 3 year, zero pixel failure warranties as standard down to 1 pixel. Bespoke service contracts are available to cater for even the most demanding service level agreements. These after-sale services ensure channel partners are supported in the UK, rather than standard Return to Base in China, providing one point of contact throughout and shortened turnaround times.


As there are so many products available with varying features and pixel pitches, it makes product demonstration and assessment more important than ever. With this in mind, we have revamped the PSCo Assessment Centre to showcase the latest narrow pixel pitch LED display technologies from leading manufacturers in one location; including 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and 4mm pixel pitch on various mounting solutions. Content testing is available on all displays to provide true product assessment for the desired application. 

Read our case study on how LED was used in retail here


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