Eclipse Digital use 2mm LED for London arts and conference venue


Kings Place is a young, independently-funded arts and conference venue in the heart of Kings Cross, London. Their venue strives for diversity and embraces innovation, so when they were looking at incorporating a new display solution into their reception, Eclipse Digital were the perfect partner.

Eclipse Digital specialise in delivering digital signage and AV solutions and were excited to take on the challenge to find the perfect product to suit this unique and dynamic building.


Kings Place had already invested in state-of-the-art technology for their venue, including PA and audio equipment, so were looking for a product that could match the high-end technology already installed within the building. They got in touch with Eclipse Digital to look at investing in a large display for their reception area, to replace a static poster board that was currently being used. The intended purpose would be to display news, ‘what’s on’ updates and event information.

As it would be installed in the reception area where visitors would make their first impression, the display needed to have the WOW factor.

Eclipse Digital, who have previously used Absen LED for a large retail brand install, encouraged Kings Place to explore LED as a more dynamic and innovative option to deliver that first impression they were hoping for. Due to the high ambient light in the reception area, Eclipse Digital knew that they needed a product that could compete with this level of brightness.

They got in touch with PSCo, LED specialists and exclusive UK distributor of Absen LED, to discuss which product would work best for the application. Having previously used Absen’s award winning N series, they knew that the resolution, visual impact and brightness it can produce would be the perfect product for the application.

The N series is available in multiple pixel pitches, ranging from 2mm to 5mm, and also offers a slim display with only 57mm depth meaning that the screen wouldn’t take up valuable reception space. It also can produce 1,000nits brightness, making it ideal for a high ambient light environment such as receptions and atriums.


In order to pick the best pixel pitch product for the application, PSCo attended an on-site proof of concept demonstration using Absen’s N3 BLK, 3.2mm LED and N2 BLK, 2.4mm LED in a 2.88m x 1.73m wall to match the size of screen that would be installed. This was brought to Kings Place to be set up for their stakeholders to compare the different resolutions.

Due to the high resolution that was needed to display their content in crisp detail, Absen’s N2 BLK, 2mm LED was chosen for the project.

The final solution was a 2.8mm x 1.73m wall using 30 panels of Absen’s N series 2.4mm LED in a 5x6 configuration. Due to the modular design of LED, the screen could be scaled to the size of screen that Kings Place desired and the space that was allocated.

PSCo hold stock of Absen LED in the UK meaning that they could install and finish the project within their timescales.

PSCo’s qualified LED technicians supported Eclipse Digital with the install and also worked with their mounting supplier to provide a bespoke wall mounted solution. A framed surround ensured an aesthetically pleasing display. PSCo also installed an ambient light sensor which detects the ambient brightness levels to ensure the display is optimised for viewing.

Allan Mack, PSCo LED Sales Specialist working on the project, commented: “We were delighted to work with Eclipse Digital on each step of this project. It helps to ensure that we understand fully the customer’s requirements and thus propose the best solution. Kings Place were also able see first-hand exactly what they would be purchasing.”


Drew Harding, Sales and Marketing Manager at Eclipse Digital, said: “We had worked with PSCo and Absen previously and knew that LED was the right product for Kings Place. Working with team at PSCo we were able to showcase the options to the client, which enabled them to make the right choice.”


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