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On 23-24th March, we hosted our Own the Pixel event at our experience centre, Innovation House. As a Validated Systems Event with guest speakers, a first look at the latest technology and networking opportunities, we wanted to explore how to “own the pixel” from source to display to create impactful and fully validated display solutions.

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Market Evolution

Stuart Holmes, director of PSCo opened the event to discuss the market evolution of LED. PSCo began its LED journey in 2009, solely selling displays based on LED components. Today, LED has evolved and PSCo now supports their partners with entire display solutions from source to display.


Validated Systems

Following on from Stuart, Graham Pow, Sales Manager at PSCo spoke to guests about how PSCo has been growing its portfolio to support validated systems. It’s not just the component make-up of an LED display that customers are interested in anymore. Rather, it’s the wider ecosystem of products that create an entire solution including:

  • LED display
  • LED controller
  • LED mount
  • Image processing
  • Signage with an AV rack and power management

Due to the market shift, PSCo began to widen their offering and that’s reflected in their extensive vendors today such as Absen, Samsung, Brompton Technology, Datapath, Green Hippo, Hypervsn, LG, Sharp/NEC and tvONE – all exhibitors at Own the Pixel.

A validated system ensures that PSCo customers can have peace of mind, knowing that their products have been tested onsite at Innovation House for stability and reliability.

The cost of LED per sqm has dropped and displays have got larger, and LED is becoming a part of the building architecture. Hitting HD 5 years ago was rare, but now, most displays are a minimum of HD, and many are beyond 4K. The LED market is in a phase of rapid development with enhanced features such as:

  • High Dynamic Range
  • 8 & 10 bit colour
  • 50HZ through to 120HZ
  • Rec. 2020 colour space

All too often customers neglect to consider image processing. Not only can PSCo assist in demonstrating technical features, but also ensure that the wider system chain can deliver them.


Beyond The Camera: The Future Of Virtual Production

Brompton Technology Virtual Production


Rob Fowler from Brompton Technology was our first guest speaker at OTP. He discussed the hot topic of virtual production, In-Camera Visual Effects (ICVFX) and how Brompton’s solution is changing the game.

ICVFX is allowing people to shoot what they see in the studio again, using LED panels to create a set. The Mandalorian is a great example that highlights how movie production is evolving. It allows actors to immerse themselves in the character and reflects a more natural environment. Similarly, it means that directors can see what they’re achieving as they’re making it. Another huge reason to use LED is that it can help achieve reflections and create a more naturalistic shot.

Virtual production and ICVFX is also more predictable as it is controlled set – no need to worry about travel or weather challenges. Previously, if a movie crew were filming in front of a sunset, it may take multiple days. Now, you can have a sunset 24/7. Additionally, film crews can achieve multiple shots from different locations in a single day as there is no need to reset or move spaces – reducing time and cost.

Virtual production technology is a huge growth sector, and it has moved at a huge pace in recent years. It is constantly moving to a finer pitch, currently reaching the lowest point of 1.5mm pitch. Real-time graphics engines such as Unreal Engine (used in games such as Fortnite) are also fast enough now to create lifelike environments.

Frame Remapping is one of the most innovative ways that Brompton Technology can facilitate virtual production. It makes it possible for multiple cameras to each see different content when viewing the same LED screen at the same time – opening up a new world of possibilities!

The virtual world is here to stay and it’s a space we’re super passionate about at PSCo and Innovation House.

Own the Pixel Brompton Technology 

Our House Is Your Space

We created Innovation House to build an AV community: to connect with our vendors and with our customers. In March last year, we only had 55 people through the door but in 2022, we’ve had 600 people already.

A final huge thanks to our sponsors Absen, Brompton Technology, Datapath, Green Hippo, Hypervsn, LG, Netgear, Peerless, Samsung, Sharp/NEC, tvONE and ZeeVee for making our Own the Pixel event one to remember.

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