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Whether it’s for digital signage or presentations, free-standing or wall-mounted, Sharp/NEC’s fine pitch LED technology offers immense benefits including high brightness, deep contrast, unlimited scalability and customizable flexibility without bezels or screen reflection.

Better yet, Sharp/NEC’s bundled LED solutions are exceptionally easy to install. Everything needed for installation is supplied in the bundle including a wall bracket, power bar, frameset and LED processor.

Sharp/NEC offer tailor-made display solutions enabling you to share your message, your way.


Quality Is Non-Negotiable

Sharp/NEC has recently introduced two new LED ranges, the E Series and FE-E Series. Adding to their expansive range, they now have a display for every type of application. Catering for both high-end and lower budget demands, they offer a range of innovative features and capabilities.

But what is consistent across all of the company’s LED ranges is quality and reliability. You can expect a high level of build quality, meticulous selection of components, industry-leading service, ease of installation and most crucially – a metal cabinet structure.


Why Is A Metal Cabinet Important?

Compared to leading competitors who favour plastic, Sharp/NEC only considers using aluminium. This is because it is a precision machined and robust metal, meaning it will be stable when handled, providing the infrastructure to support large surface visualisation.

Aluminium is also a thermal conductor meaning it naturally dissipates heat. This helps to maintain a consistent temperature inside the display for long-lasting reliability and performance.

Unlike plastic which melts and drips in heat, aluminium is fire-retardant so it will hinder the spread of fire. This ensures it is safe for use in public spaces without the need for additional infrastructure such as sprinkler systems.

According to data, e-waste reached a record high of 53.6 million metric tons in 2019. By choosing to use recyclable aluminium within the major components of Sharp/NEC displays, they have drastically reduced their e-waste, protecting the planet.

Essentially, a metal cabinet promises peace of mind, public safety, longevity, security, precision alignment and sustainability – far better than plastic!



Size Is Everything

When trying to match the fit solution to the viewing distance of your application perfectly, it’s not only the size of the display that matters. What’s even more crucial is the size of the pixel pitch. The nearer you are to the display the finer the pixel pitch needed.

The rule of thumb is 1mm pixel for every 8-foot viewing distance. So, an LED display in a meeting room scenario would need a finer pixel pitch compared to a retail display used for signage where passers-by are more distant.

It's also important to consider how many people will see a display. The greater the number of meeting participants or potential passers-by, the larger the display size needed.

With a wide range of display sizes and shapes and a wide choice of pixel pitch, Sharp/NEC has pre-bundled and customizable LED solutions for your every requirement. 

Check out a quick snapshot below of what Sharp/NEC has to offer.



The A Series (Plug & Play Digital Poster)

The A Series is an ideal replacement for traditional roll-up banners. The 2.5mm or 1.9mm ultra-slim and lightweight digital poster is robust enough to be positioned in public spaces for promotional or wayfinding information. But it can also be integrated into walls thanks to its removable stand and slim desk. The Bright LED brilliance and high contrast content make this display hard to miss!


The NEW E Series (Essential)

Available as a bundle package only, the E Series comes in three different display sizes and offers everything you need to implement large surface visualisation including superb brightness and high contrast, without hindrance from bezels. Designed for a quick and easy set-up, the E Series is lightweight and slim for easy integration as a free-standing or wall-mounted display.


The NEW FE-E Series (Enterprise Eco)

Suitable even in the brightest environments, the FE series provides a sustainable and high-quality solution for large format visualisation. Sharing the same design as the award-winning FE Series, the FE-E Series is available as a customised bundle with a more cost-efficient LED diode – ideal for restricted budgets.


The FE Series (Fine Pitch Enterprise)

Adding a super-fine pixel pitch option, the FE Series is a compelling and cost-effective alternative for large format visualisation. It provides excellent viewing angles, consistent vibrant colours, superb brightness and long-lasting performance. Offered in a wide range of bundles sizes (110”, 137”, 165” and 220”) and pixel pitches, the FE series is also available for customised shapes and sizes. No wonder it’s the 2020 winner of the Installation Best of Show Awards!


The FA Series (Fine Pitch Advanced)

Delivering extreme levels of visual performance, the FA Series bundle offers a premium solution for boardrooms, control rooms, luxury retail environments and simulation. The super-fine pixel pitch enables the configuration of an ultra-high-resolution canvas for demanding application scenarios where the viewing distance is short and the content requires highly detailed scrutiny. Designed with industry-grade quality and redundancy for key components, the FA Series provides a display solution with longevity and unmatched reliability. 


The NEW FE/FA Series SB (Super Black)

The design, structure and componentry of this specialist series match that of the FE/FA series, the only difference is the pixel cards. Featuring a specially designed graphite layer, the resulting deep black surface is perfect for specialist applications in broadcasting studios. Also featuring 16-bit colour reproduction, your audience is sure to enjoy an immersive experience.

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