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The Datapath VSN4 Series, a video wall controller that has been designed for video wall and multi-screen display installations that require a balanced number of HD video captures and HD video outputs.

The VSN4 Series has been developed and optimised to operate with the latest generation of our world leading PCI Express graphics and video capture cards providing flexible solutions throughout the professional AV industry.

The VSN400 Series has an ASUS motherboard to provide flexibility and suitability for the smaller, more compact, video wall project. The VSN 4 Series is fully compatible with Datapath WallControl 10 software, a Microsoft Windows® based application enabling easy configuration and set up of your video wall controller.

Award Winning ASUS Technology 
The VSN 4 Series incorporates the award-winning ASUS motherboard complete with four high-performance PCI Express Gen3 slots.Each x16 mechanical slot has been configured for x8 electrical performance giving up to 8GB/s bi-directional bandwidth.

The VSN00 Series also comes with either Intel’s Haswell Core i5 or Core i7 processor, offering 6 or 8 MB of cache & up to 3.60 or 3.90 GHz clock speed. Compatible with all of the Datapath portfolio of Vision capture cards and Image Graphics cards, the VSN 4 Series can provide up to 16 HD outputs or 16 HD/ 32 SD inputs or a combination of the two. Combine two ImageDP4 graphics cards and two VisionHD4 capture cards to provide eight HD outputs and eight HD inputs.

Multi-application chassis 
The VSN 4 Series has been designed for small to medium sized video walls and is ideal for applications such as:

• Traffic Management Hubs
• Operation Centres
• Security Suites
• Utility Services Operations
• Process Control Service
• Military Installations

Fully featured WallControl 10 
Datapath's VSN 4 Series is compatible with Datapath's WallControl 10 software. WallControl 10 allows users to quickly and easily place video sources anywhere on the video wall. Common arrangements can be saved as layouts for recall at any time and any section of the wall can contain "carousels" of videos playing one after the other at definable intervals.

Administrators of WallControl 10 are able to configure a single system to drive multiple walls. Each of these walls can be assigned a number of user roles, and each user role can allow different access to sources, local videos, layouts and templates. *


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