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C3-503 CORIOmaster® micro

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C3-503 CORIOmaster® micro is a powerful, efficient approach to building large video display systems. Multiple video windows can be positioned on LED, display based video walls or projector edge blends, displaying any of the sources connected to CORIOmaster. Windows can be visually transitioned into position, resized or rotated to any proportion allowing designers to achieve striking visual effects. Each system can support up to 2 separate video canvasses. CORIOgrapher, the control software for the CORIOmaster series of processors, is a simple, easy to use design interface that enables window and source positioning and transition effects. This dynamic feature is easily managed through presets in CORIOgrapher or by simple commands executed by third party control systems. 50 presets can be saved permanently in the system.

NEW – Keying: Uses optional keying dual output module CM-HDMI-SC-2OUT-KEY to provide keying using two layers, background, and foreground. The module uses a luminance keyer so any video information in the foreground layer that is darker than the defined luminance key level will be keyed out allowing the background layer below it to become visible. There is also a softness factor so that edges appear anti-aliased. Keying is done in real time with no visible latency.

NEW – 8HD Player: Uses a 4K streaming media and playback module to deliver synchronised playback of up to 8x 1080P/30 stored files. Create and store fully synchronised video groups and deliver to up to eight outputs. For example, a single source can be split into 8 multiple files to create an 8 x 1 synchronised layout. Other layouts are possible depending upon how your displays are arranged and how your source files are created. Files are grouped for synchronised playback and multiple file groups can be added to a playlist for presentation.

NEW – Low Latency Streams: When you need to view an incoming IP stream from a live source, enable this feature to process it with the lowest possible latency input to encoder to output from CORIOmaster. Typical latency is below 300ms in this mode. The incoming stream needs to have been configured for low latency streaming. Audio is not supported in low latency mode.

NEW – Workflow Tools
EDID Manager: Manage system default EDID’s and upload new EDID’s as .edd files and assign these to your inputs as required. User added EDID files can be deleted if no longer needed.
FTP Upload: Connect your 4K streaming media and playback module to an FTP server to enable media files to be received over the network and stored for playback. New files uploaded to the server can be synchronized to the module by using a simple API command. Files that are part of a playlist can be updated to the server by uploading them to a sync folder, synchronized with the module using the API command and played automatically by the module when next due to play in a playlist. Download speed to the module is managed so as not to overwhelm your network.
AES Encryption: Decode IP streams that have been encrypted using the AES CBC standard using 128 or 256-bit key length.

NEW – IP Stream and Media Playback Labelling: Add customizable labels to IP streams and playback media files Text Labels of up to 20 characters can be added and positioned in one of nine areas on screen. Font size can be adjusted, background and foreground color can be inverted, and borders can be added and customized. There are four user selectable formats for displaying the label, custom text, friendly name or file name, file title or file name or file name only.

NEW: Crestron automation module: Upgrades to the Crestron Control module for CORIOmaster allows seamless control for CORIOmaster, CORIOmaster mini, and CORIOmaster micro. New features include the ability to route sources to windows, recall presets, and Canvas level audio adjustment including mute and volume control. This enhanced development evolves from the previous module, by enabling REST based control facilitating multiple connections to the CORIOmaster from a range of control clients. To request the Crestron Control module for CORIOmaster products, fill out the form here.

NEW CORIOmaster App: The CORIOmaster app is a free and secure application for smartphones and tablets that extends the control of CORIOmaster video walls onto mobile platforms. Users can execute all simple control functions with ease through the CORIOmaster app, including viewing all canvases, viewing ‘source to window’ assignments, activating presets, switching inputs, and assigning fresh sources to windows. More sophisticated control is possible by sending single or command chains using API commands set.


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