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Tessera SX40

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The 4K Tessera SX40 LED processor combines our industry-leading feature set and easy-to-use software interface with our highest-ever capacity processor.

Tessera SX40 offers support for full 4K screens at 60Hz with 12 bits per colour output. It supports a zero-latency up/down scaler that matches the source to the screen as well as all of Tessera’s industry-leading processing features. These include HDR and Dynamic Calibration as well as Ultra Low Latency, HFR + (High Frame Rate), Frame Remapping, and more.

It is compatible with all existing Tessera fixture inventory.

Used in combination with the Tessera XD Distribution unit, the SX40 provides a cost-effective and powerful system for supporting the biggest and boldest LED projects.

Tessera SX40 Features

Tessera XD Data Distribution Unit The Tessera XD data distribution unit is a sophisticated single box solution designed to manage the complications of mass cabling that can arise with large LED display systems.
Extended Bit Depth Extended Bit Depth unlocks higher PWM bit depth output for all panels using the Brompton R2 or R2+ receiver card. Up to 3.3 additional bits of precision improves low-brightness performance – reducing visual artefacts and bringing out additional detail and nuance in dark areas of the image. This substantial increase in dynamic range is invaluable when reproducing HDR content or working with LED on camera.
High Frame Rate + HFR+ gives you the power to play video content on an LED screen at up to 250 fps (frames per second).
HDR The Tessera SX40 processor automatically detects and handles HDR content, accepting HDR video at up to 12 bits per colour. The system switches seamlessly between SDR, PQ and HLG with no interruptions. HDR is beautifully supported at all resolutions and frame rates, in both of the commonly used HDR formats (PQ (ST-2084) and HLG)

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