Absenicon X Series (Touch and Non-Touch) – X108 ICON Series Touch

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X108 ICON Series Touch

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Micro LED Technology

Integrating multiple Absen image optimization technologies, the Absenicon X Series enhances the clarity and visibility to bring out natural details and vivid colors for realistic and incredible images.

All-in-One Design with Delicate Details

The Absenicon X Series comes as a complete kit ready to install, including controller, audio, PSU and all necessary display elements needed for the installation. There’s no need for complex wiring and debugging, it’s easy to install and use. The design of lift type control box satisfies the 97% above high screen ratio and the convenience of installation and maintenance.

Step Into the Future Where Accuracy Meets Interactivity

Equipped with a high-precision infrared touch system, the Absenicon X Series revolutionizes interactivity and elevating user engagement. With 1mm touch accuracy and support for 20-point multi-touch and smart gestures, it delivers seamless and intuitive interactions.

Intelligent System with Upgraded Performance

The Absenicon X Series comes with a standard Android 11.0 operating system. A Windows operating system is available through an additional OPS computer. An Ultra-large memory and a powerful 4-core processor are included for a smooth and fast performance for wireless screen mirroring from phones, computers, and other devices.

Durability in Demanding Spaces

The panel-type COB encapsulation technology effectively protects the display from external impact. The ultra-long service life of 100,000 hours providing a lower cost of ownership and reduced carbon foot print.

Modular Design, Flexible Installation

The modular design enables it to be easily transported to offices and in elevators. The Absenicon X Series can be mounted on a wall or on a mobile stand, or on the innovative electric lifting bracket for height adjustment. The endless installation possibilities fit your needs in any environment.


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