ICON Slim Series – 110" All-in-One LED Display – ICON-C110

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The Absen iCon C110 all in one solution offers a Fine Pitch LED (1.2mm) display that is perfectly suited to conference rooms, reception areas and auditoriums 

Available in four standard sizes, ranging from 110” to 220”, there is an Absen icon that’s right for any size of meeting or conference, from 20 participants to 300. It’s capable of supporting up to 4K/UltraHD resolution. It can be a multi-screen display. And it can be shared via either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


Absen Redefines the Standard for Meeting Room Display

In today’s meeting rooms, ambient light often plays a negative factor to ensuring that content, typically displayed with conventional projectors, is clearly seen by attendees; often times such ambient light causes the picture that is casted by a projector to become washed out, barely visible and illegible

Welcome to Absenicon. This new LED display series takes the current meeting room experience to the next level by creating a bright, open and highly-productive meeting environment. Absenicon helps grab and maintain your attendees’ attention while improving information delivery effectiveness and overall efficiency at each and every meeting.

New Visual Impact

  • Bringing content to life thanks to high levels of brightness, contrast ratio and colour saturation
  • With adjustable brightness levels from 0-350nits, Absenicon is able to offer clear images in 300lux office environments
  • Outstanding grayscale performance, with brightness level even lower than 100nits
  • No more projector shadows as well as noise interference, promising better meeting experiences

Perfect View

The Absen 110″ All-in-One LED Display enables every meeting member to receive complete presentation content and improve productivity to a brand new realm
The contrast ratio reaches 4,000:1 through ANSI 16-zone (4×4) checkerboard pattern. With enhanced colours and deeper black, the image is colourful and dazzling all the time whether in bright or dark room


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