LG LSBE Indoor LED Series – LG Indoor LED Pixel Pitch 1.88mm

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With a great brightness of 600 nits, it clearly delivers content and attracts public attention, making it ideal for achieving bright indoor visibility.


90° Corner Design Available

If you add 90° corner option, the LSBE series fits naturally into the space and delivers smooth content to customers.


Improved Flatness and
Easy Maintenance

LSBE utilizes two modules to form a single cabinet, which helps minimize the gaps between modules compared to cabinets composed of multiple modules resulting in a smoother screen with fewer visible gaps. Moreover thanks to its structural advantage, LSBE allows for easy maintenance.


More Secure Maintenance with the Use of Safety Wire

When removing a module from the cabinets, the safety wire helps secure maintenance by preventing screen and module drops.


Durable Frame Design

LSBE incorporates an aluminum cabinet that enhances durability, and its high-strength frame, surpassing that of plastic, allows for stable operation.


Flame Spread Protection

LSBE is compliant with the standard for assessing flame spread, receiving a Class C rating according to the EN 13501-1:2018 test. With its fire resistance, LSBE contributes to the safety of your space.


Pixel Pitch 1.88mm
Brightness 600 nit
Contrast Ratio 5,000:1

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