LG LSAB LED Magnit Series – LSAB LG Magnit Series – 0.93mm MicroLED Display

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Key Features

  • Micro LED Display.
  • Chip on Board Technology.
  • Pixel Pitch : 0.9 mm.
  • Brightness : 1,200 nit (Peak,), 600 nit (Max.).
  • Contrast Ratio (10 lux) : 150,000 : 1.
  • Wireless Data Transfer and Cable-less Power Docking.

LG MAGNIT, Our First Micro LED
See the magnificent success that LG MAGNIT brings to business and recreation.

True Innovation Behind New Depths
LG MAGNIT delivers immersive and eye-popping visuals that make every veiwing experience memorable.
Bring your imagination into life, through ultra-fine details visualized by a colorful mosaic of Micro LED chips.

Black Immersion, Enlivened Details
By removing a package surrounding R, G, B LED chips and applying LG’s own Full Black Coating technology, the LG MAGNIT surprisingly delivers much deeper black than the conventional package LED signage*. This not only enhances color vividness, but also makes the details which were hidden in the shadows appear, providing audiences a sense of immersion.

* Based on LG's conventional LED Signage.

LSAB009 Features

Pixel Pitch 0.93mm
Brightness (Peak /Max) 1,200 nit (Peak.) / 600 nit (Max.)
Power Consumption (W/cabinet, Avg.) 85
Power Consumption (W/cabinet, Max.) 125
Contrast Ratio (Peak/Max) 150,000:1

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