IAB Series – 110’’ – 1.2mm Pixel Pitch – HD Resolution

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Transform your business

The Wall is designed to create bold visual statements. The Wall All in One now addresses one of the biggest challenges of industry, drastically improving installation. The Wall, let it transform your business.

An abyss of depth

Black Seal Technology. A deep black background uniformly blankets the screen. This creates a virtually seamless canvas for black levels with depth - delivering incredible contrast and immaculate detail.

Incredible colour purity

Ultra Chroma Technology

Colours leap to life with spectacular vibrancy to recreate scenes as if you were there in real life. Narrower wavelengths produce RGB colours two times purer and more accurate than conventional LEDs

Auto configuration setup

Built-in Control Box

Time-consuming configuration between control box and cabinet is no longer needed. The Wall All-in-One integrates the control box so it’s built-into the display, helping to eliminate a cumbersome configuration process to get the display up and running faster.


Continuous natural shading

Linear Greyscale

A precise linear greyscale showcases intricacies in virtually every scene, delivering textures, volume and continuous shadow details. The detailed continuity pulls you further into your content for unbroken immersion.


Critical decisions without complexity

Simple Choice

The Wall All-in-One removes complex elements traditionally associated with LED displays helping to create a streamlined purchase path. 'Now, choose your preferred Wall All-in-One without needing to consider technical complications such as pixel pitch or configuration. Choose your display based on just two factors - resolution and size.


The Wall All-in-One includes components you need to get started - from the control box and wall brackets to speakers and deco bezels. This allows you to focus on getting your display up and running fast.


20bit Processing

The Wall All-in-One offers 20bit processing to present colour mapping with accuracy. Deep bit depth at low grayscale also delivers extraordinary contrast ratio and smooth, natural tones.



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