European Product Director at Absen explains the benefits of using their high bright 4mm LED

Liam Winter, Product Director at Absen Europe talks to PSCo about why the high brightness 4mm LED is the perfect product for retail applications. 

Currently considered the thinnest, front installation and front service LED panel available on the market, the award winning Absen N Series is arguably one of the most successful LED range in PSCo’s portfolio. As one of Absen Europe’s first Value Added Partner, PSCo has built strong relationships with China’s largest exporter of LED products over the years. So strong in fact, that Absen has produced a specific N Series model to cater for the specific needs and requirements of the UK market. Absen Europe’s product director Liam Winter explains why the hype around bright sub 5mm, Narrow Pixel Pitch (NPP) LED isn’t going anywhere, and the reasons why PSCo’s exclusive N4D BLK is so popular with its UK clients.

With a depth of just 57mm, the N Series range spans from 2.4mm – 5.14mm pixel pitch, and is suitable for a variety of verticals including retail, corporate and education.

As a 4mm LED panel, the Absen N4D BLK – like the rest of the N Series – is front install and service, meaning there is no need to access the back of the display at any point throughout the product lifecycle. Maintenance is further facilitated thanks to unique fast swap LED modules which feature magnetic fixing points, allowing fast and simple mounting and removal. With amazing visual performance and a long life span it offers a perfect large scale display solution.

This front service advantage is coupled with a super-thin and lightweight design, making it a perfect solution for applications where space is scarce and expensive such as retail or corporate environments. With a depth of just 57mm, and a chassis weighing at only 9.8kg, the N4 is considered the thinnest direct-lit, high definition LED panel currently available in the market.

But perhaps the most interesting point about this PSCo exclusive product is the fact that, with a brightness rated at 4,000 nits, it is more than four times brighter than its brother, the N4 BLK.

Absen has recognised the end user needs for brighter LED solutions that are able to compete with current architectural trends where environments boast in-window, high ambient areas with large glass walls and ceilings. To that end, and based on PSCo recommendations on such requirements, Absen developed a UK dedicated product to perfectly meets the specific requirements of the market. With the help of PSCo’s expertise, this version has proved very popular in UK installations since its introduction in 2016.

This powerful increase in display brightness and contrast ratio caters for the most demanding environments where high ambient light require increased performances in terms of image quality, visibility, legibility and impact, making it ever more relevant to a large number of applications such as retail (stores, shopping malls), OOH (airports, transportation hubs), or corporate environments (signage in lobbies, receptions and entrance halls).

editN4D Hongkong 4.608m x 2.304m


While developing this UK specific model, the Absen engineering team has taken special care in its design, making sure that all boxes are ticked for environments where optimised performance, stability, reliability, long life span, as well as flexibility in installation and maintenance are all basic requirements. And with an excellent price to performance ratio, the N4D BLK quickly ranked as a best seller in PSCo’s portfolio.

In order to manage the additional heat generated by these higher brightness levels, the N4D BLK features an advanced heat dissipation design, which in turn ensures excellent colour balance, visual uniformity during the operational lifespan of the product and a stable, low maintenance operation.

With a proven reputation in providing high quality products, Absen carefully selected the components of the N4D BLK, and in particular the LED diodes: While each diode is capable of delivering much higher brightness levels, no compromise has been made in terms of visual performance, so the product can be trusted to deliver a wide colour gamut, high uniformity, low attenuation and a long life span. It also utilises high grade materials protecting the panel and its components from sunlight: the N4D BLK is indeed optimised for infra-red (IR) and ultra-violet (UV) protection, thus lowering the temperature of the panel surface while maintaining high performance and extensive life span. By the same token, the panel boasts an advanced IR/UV protected mask design capable of reflecting sunlight from the screen surface which translates into a boost in both contrast and black levels, for increased visual performance.

These many advantages make it the perfect solution for retail shops as well as glass architecture corporate and public buildings.

IMG 0979 2copy


As with the rest of the N Series models, the N4D BLK boasts considerable USPs that will appeal to both integrators and end clients, thanks to its unique flat panel size allowing for flexible configuration, and increased screen size match likeliness to existing spaces. It also offers flexibility in terms of configuration, as the LED video wall can be wall mounted, hanged or free standing.

So when looking for new striking visual solutions for your retail, corporate or any other high footfall environment, make sure you not only have your eyes on the right product, but also on the right partner to support your visual project.

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