PSCo invest in the latest high resolution, high bright outdoor LED.

PSCo, trade only rental supplier of the latest display technologies, have invested in Absen’s brand-new 3.9mm indoor / outdoor LED product within the Polaris range. The PL3.9 Pro LED is exclusively available in the UK from PSCo.

The new addition is the highest resolution, highest quality, outdoor LED currently available to rental and offers remarkable product features.

This new product from Absen is part of their ‘High Brightness Black’ (HBB) range, an innovative new feature which utilises Common Cathode technology. This provides dedicated voltages for individual RGB sub-pixels to substantially improve their efficiency. This results in 20% less power used and 20% less heat generated, allowing for more brightness output with total stability & reliability.

This revolutionary technology means that the PL3.9 Pro with HBB can achieve 5000nits brightness with a 1921 black-face SMD - using less power and without compromising on brightness or black levels. This is delivered in an IP65 rated chassis allowing for excellent visual performance outdoors – with the same high-performance grayscale as previous generation Absen rental technologies. This visual performance can also be delivered at lower brightness indoors without compromising on colour depth or contrast.

The brand-new Polaris chassis adds further creative flexibility with the ability to create convex (-7.5deg) or concave (+10deg) curves both flown or ground-stacked using the integrated adjustable side locks.

This high-performance product is an exciting new addition to PSCo and shows their commitment to growing the PSCo rental fleet to offer a product for every application – including outdoors.

To find out more about this exciting new product, available for sales and rental, contact PSCo today. Email or call 0118 372 3300.




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