Videowalls like no other – Sony BH and CH-series crystal LED displays

The grandest spaces require the grandest displays, and few videowalls are more extraordinary than Sony's BH and CH-series crystal LED displays.

Delivering seamless quality and performance in any environment, these super-sized displays are more than an addition to a space – they are transformative.

The BH and CH-series LED wall displays offer users bigger pictures, higher brightness, richer colours, easier instillation and simplified maintenance, ensuring incredible performance right off the bat.

Let’s take a closer look.

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The BH-series Sony crystal LED wall

Videowalls are often used in bright corporate or retail environments, where natural light and glare can cause issues with visibility. The BH-series’ brightness does help with this issue, but that’s not all.

Leveraging Sony’s high-efficiency LED driver technology, the BH-series produces an enrapturing 1,700 cd/m2 of brightness. This means that the BH-series can display all content at the highest quality and over twice the brightness of other premium displays.

Every display panel comes with an advanced anti-reflection coating that significantly reduces glare. This ensures that the stunning images displayed are always crystal-clear and effortlessly visible.

So, the BH-series can be seen clearly, but what about the images themselves? Well, Sony’s LED driver technology delivers an extra-wide colour gamut, creating incredible depth and range of colour. This is a display which paints every image in stunning technicolour, even in the brightest of viewing conditions.


The Sony CH-series LED crystal display

The most important part of a display, especially a super-sized display, is how well it displays content.

Enter the Sony CH-series. This LED videowall delivers extraordinary detail and contrast with Sony’s unique surface treatment technology.

With both the proprietary Deep Black Coating and advanced Sony LED driver technology, the CH-series offers users the deepest black levels and widest colour gamut. This ensures that every detail is rendered in stunning detail and clarity.

For an enrapturing display experience, your customers need to look no further than the Sony CH-series.


A solid foundation with Sony

Both the BH and CH-series come packed with advanced Sony technology, making them some of the most cutting-edge displays on the market.

Both ranges leverage the high-power Sony X1 for Crystal LED picture processor, allowing them to use 22-bit Super Bit Mapping to deliver stunning, true-to-life colour gradations. The processor also powers advanced 4K 120Hz driver technology, providing exceptional image enhancement across all kinds of content.

Gone are the days of pixelated imagery on super-sized LED displays. The BH and CH-videowall ranges from Sony offer users features like Reality Creation and Motionflow.

Reality Creation upscales content, even low-quality content, to near 4K resolution, ensuring that no detail is lost. Motionflow inserts additional frames into video content, smoothing out visual inconsistencies and making even fast-moving content appear faultlessly crisp.

Not only do the BH and CH-series guarantee incredible clarity when viewed head-on, but Sony has also managed to deliver that same unparalleled performance at any angle. Super fine LED technology, Sony’s unique anti-glare coating and pixel pitches as low as 1.27mm, all contribute to a crystal-clear viewing experience from every angle.

All this, easily installed

Arguably, the most important consideration when purchasing an LED videowall display is how easily it can be installed. In busy corporate and retail environments, display solutions need to be set up and ready to use as quickly as possible to minimise impact on the area.

The Sony BH and CH crystal LED displays fit this brief perfectly. Thin, light cabinets have been newly designed to maximise ease of installation. A significantly simplified installation process cuts both on-site assembly time and integration costs. Plus, even after installation, the BH and CH-series are specially designed to make ongoing maintenance as easy as possible too, with all components being accessible from the front of the display.

The crystal LED wall with everything you need

From corporate lobbies to bustling shop floors, the BH and CH-series can transform spaces with dynamic and enthralling performance. Brilliant brightness, captivating colours and deepest blacks are all brought together by Sony in these cutting-edge super-sized displays, ensuring an exceptional viewing experience in any space, from any angle and with any content.

The applications of the BH and CH-series are almost endless. Sony’s anti-glare technology makes these displays perfect for brightly lit shop floors, ensuring advertising is bold and always visible. The versatility of the series makes them ideal for corporate environments, where internal messaging and high-end presentations can be effortlessly displayed at the desired size and resolution. Beyond the business applications, the BH and CH-series can also be utilised in the arts, serving as the backdrop for a fashion show or being used as part of a stage show or concert, delivering incredible digital effects and elevating any performance from every angle, so no audience member misses out.

And now you can see the BH and CH-series in action first-hand at Innovation House! As just one of 8 locations in Europe with the series on display, and the only location in the UK, Innovation House offers the chance to see exceptional performance and peerless clarity up close and in person.

So, whatever the task, you and your customers can be sure the BH and CH-series X1 for Crystal LED picture processer and advanced driver technology will deliver extraordinary quality day after day, month after month, year after year.

There you have it! – The Sony BH and CH-series crystal LED displays. Extraordinary performance, awe-inspiring size, matchless colour fealty and seamless instillation. Whatever the space, whatever the task, these super-sized displays deliver everything you and your customers could need and so much more.

So, what are you waiting for?

Take a look at the BH and CH-series from Sony today and see for yourself the transformative power of super-sized crystal LED displays.

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