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The Novastar Taurus series TB8 is a new all-in one solution which combines sending card and mediaplayer into one housing.

The Taurus TB8 offers powerful hardware processing capability allowing for smooth playback of high definition content. TB8 has an integrated access point which enables you to easily upload content by mobile phone or tablet or you can connect to a wired LAN network to control all settings of the TB8, including screen configuration. The optional available 4G module allows you to access the TB8 anywhere even when there is no LAN network available.

The internal sending card has two integrated sensor inputs, therefore light and temperature sensors can be connected directly to the device. It has four output ports which in total are capable of controlling up to 2.300.000 pixels.
  • All-in-one solution: media player and sending card with scaling function
  • HDMI Input and loop
  • 4 x Ethernet output port
  • Up to 2.300.000 pixels capacity 
  • Built-in Wifi Access point, easy content upload by smart phone or tablet
  • On-board Temperature / Light sensor input port
  • Audio output

TB8 Features

Control Method WiFi / Gigabit network Interface
Local content upload 2x USB 2.0 port for playback or media import from USB drives
Remote content upload Remote content upload by smart phone or tablet
Output Interface HDMI 1.3 (Loop) 4x Ethernet output port (2xMain / 2x fixed Backup)
Pixel capability up to 2.300.000 pixels, maximum width 4096 pixels and maximum height 1920 pixels
Input interface HDMI 1.3
Supply voltage AC-100-240V-50/60HZ
Internal storage 8GB on-board, 4GB available for users
Processor 1.5 GHz eight-core processor

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